Washroom Control Kit

Washroom Control Kit

Washroom control kit.


PUSH BUTTON & ANNUNCIATOR SYSTEM, including CX-33 Advanced Logic Control, CM-400/8 Mushroom ‘PUSH TO LOCK’ Button, CM-AF500 Single Gang LED Annunciator, CX-MDC Magnetic Door Contact.


CX-WC Series Barrier Free Restroom Control Kits

Camden Door Controls offers an industry-leading range of packages designed specifically for the control of automatic doors in restroom applications. These kits feature a number of innovative and exclusive products that are not available elsewhere, including the CM-AF500 single gang annunciator (providing 'OWL' signage that is not legible when unit is not lit) CX-33 advanced logic relay (providing exclusive operation modes for restroom control) and Aura™ illuminated push plate switches (that combine 'OWL' annunciation and door activation in one product).