Universal Wireless Hub, Supports 2 Locks

Universal Wireless Hub, Supports 2 Locks


Connects wirelessly to two Wi5220 Locks up to 70 feet.

Wiegand output to any access controller.


TA-WI 2750  Wi Universal Hub

(Supports 2 Wi Locks)


The Wi Series Locks work with 125 kHz HID and AWID cards and support all Wiegand formats up to 64 bits. Locks communicate Wirelessly to a Wi Hub which can be located up to 70 ft

(21 m) away in a typical office environment. Each Hub can support two WiSeries Locks.


Wiegand data is sent wirelessly to the WiHub, which in turn sends the data to aWiegand reader port on the associated access control panel for verification. If the lock relay operates, indicating that access is granted, the Hub will send a Wireless unlock command to the reader at which the card was presented. 



Wi Universal Hub supports 2 readers 



HubSize                                       4.8”W x 5.83”H x 1.5”D

Hub Power                                  150mA @ 12VDC

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