Marijuana production Secuity door kit

Marijuana production Secuity door kit

Marijuana Production Security Door Type 4 Electronic Locking System Kit



This K.M. Thomas electronic locking system provides code compliance, while securing pairs of exteriordoors with stainless steel bolts at six locations on each door. Higher levels of security are a requirementon Marijuana or other indoor crop growing facilities. Our unique packaged solution is designed to operatein the wet environments, like those found in greenhouses. Internal and external loss prevention are bothaddressed with the TA-MSDT4-KIT. When properly installed our system provides up to 16,000 LB holdingforce to prevent exterior attack. This system is designed for installation on doors that are intended foremergency exit only.The products contained in this kit are simple to install, configure and use, and include complete detailedinstructions for the entire system. The system can be easily monitored through the internet by the owneras an optional, additional service.



Doors are normally closed and secured at 6 points each, and the alarmed exit devices are armed.-Alarmed exit devices can be unlocked/disarmed by use of key from inside only. Exit devices must berearmed with key from inside.-There is no access from the exterior side.-Emergency exit is always free by pushing on either exit device, which will cause the local alarm to sound(and remotely alert the owner if internet connection is active and subscription service option has beenactivated).-During main power failure the system will continue to function for a limited time on battery power.

SpecificationsLocking Hardware:

- 16,000 LB holding force, 6 interlocking stainlesssteel bolts- Weatherized, cUL Listed- 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty- Built-in Alarm

Access and Power:

- Authorized unlock by inside key only- Power/Controller mounts inside NEMA4 cabinet

*Heavy gage hollow steel door and frame arerecommended.