Electric 4 Wire Hinge

Electric 4 Wire Hinge

Full mortise, steel plain bearing standard weight 5 knuckle 4.5" x 4" hinge

Satin chrome finish, with 4 wires.


ACSI Series 1100 Electric Hinges/Pivots are designed for doors that require concealed low voltage current transfer, concealed electric monitoring, or concealed low voltage current transfer with monitoring. With over 25 years of experience, ACSI Series 1100 products are UL listed and carry a full one year warranty.



• UL listed

• Provide current transfer to electrified mortise or cylindrical locks, exit devices with electric latch retraction, electric strikes (pairs of doors), and locks with monitoring or request to exit switches

• Rated for 3.5 amp and 16 amp pulse

• Available in Hager, Stanley, McKinney, Bommer, Rixson, Ives, and more

• Standard weight or heavy weight models

• Steel, brass, or stainless steel hinges

• Available in five knuckle and three knuckle hinges

• All architectural finishes in sizes 4x4 through 6x6


Stanley, Dorma, Hager, Ives, McKinney, Rixson, Bommer, PBB



• Electric hinge must be placed in the center position only.

• ACSI requires NON-NRP hinges for modification. Hinge pin is not field removable after modification.

• ACSI part no. 302-03-03 mortar guard is required for all application with grout-filled frames. Failure to install mortar guard will void the electric hinge warranty.