Mortise Lock Electric Strike LH

Mortise Lock Electric Strike LH

Mortise Lock electric stike, with door secure monitoring and deadbolt

monitoring. Left hand


Mortise locksets with a deadbolt and a deadlatch located below the latchbolt.

Latchbolt Monitor. Signals the door is closed and latched or unlatched and open.

Deadbolt Monitor, Left Hand

U 630 Dull Stainless Steel (std)


LBM/LCM Door Secure Monitor


• Door secure and unlocked monitoring

• Mantraps, Interlocks, Airlocks

DBM Deadbolt Monitoring

Signals deadbolt projected or retracted


• Deadbolt locked/unlocked status

• Occupied signal rooms/bathrooms

• Deadbolt nightlatch monitoring

• Manual lockout of access control by deadbolt


• No Centerline Relocation

• Up to ¾" Latchbolt and 1" Deadbolt

• Field Reversible, Failsafe/Failsecure

• 1/8” Horizontal alignment adjustment

• ANSI/BHMA A156.31 Grade 1

• Factory tested 2500 lbs,

• exceeds 1,000,000 cycles

• UL tested 1500 lb Static strength

• 70 ft-lb Dynamic strength

• Internally Mounted Solenoid, No Heat in Keeper

• Dual Voltage 12/24VDC

• Tamper Resistant

• All Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Parts and Heavy Cast Body and Keeper

• Non-handed (Deadbolt status handed)

• Plug-in pig tail connectors