1000 Key Capacity

1000 Key Capacity

Deluxe wall table cabinet, with two tag key system.

"Non stock, call customer service for delivery"


Lund Deluxe WALL-TABLE CABINETS with TWO Tag Key System


No. 1805 - 1000 cap. Expand up to 1200 cap.


Wall Model Cabinet - 23"W x 29-3/4"H x 8-3/4"D.

Base (available at extra cost) (when Cabinet is used as table model) - 24"W x 2-1/4"H x 13"D

"Non stock, call customer service for delivery"


See Catalog Page 4 for Two Tag Key System.

See Catalog Page 15 for Color Tags.


These cabinets can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. They come equipped with holes for wall mounting. When used on a table, enamelled steel base is furnished with the cabinet as a net extra. The interior arrangement of the panels is similar to those of Lund Deluxe Wall Cabinets.


Cabinets are finished in light office gray baked-on enamel. They are of all-welded steel construction and each cabinet has a 3-point locking device with a T-handle, pin-tumbler cylinder lock. Doors are flush type.

Storage compartment at the bottom of the cabinet is 22-3/8"W x 5" H x 8"D.