Easy kit electrified dogging

Easy kit electrified dogging


The Electric Dogging EasyKits are designed for entrance and exit doors that require panic or fire exit hardware. When energized, and after the pushpad is depressed, the pushpad and the latch bolt remain retracted, providing push-pull operation. Relocking all devices is accomplished by using a single switch or through a fire alarm input. All components required for this installation are included in one easy-to-order kit.



• Best-in-class components provide for fast, easy installation

• All components included in one, easy-to-specify part number

• Great for locking down large campuses, using a single switch

Kit includes:

(1)Detex 10 series Rim Exit Device with Electrified Dogging, brushed stainless steel finish, flex conduit loop, end cap and fittings, night latch pull trill (cylinder included) for 36” door width

 (1) Power Supply