Lockdown Push Btn activation controller

Lockdown Push Btn activation controller


The Thomas School Lockdown Systems allow school staff to lock every electric lock that is connected to the system with the push of a button.


Easily installed in both new and retrofit applications our systems connect through the TCP/IP network so dedicated wiring is not required.


Systems can be customized to suit custom applications and requirements. Contact factory with custom design requests.

Control Up To 16 Remote Doors With:

TA-SC-PBC – Push Button Activation Control

- Push to lockdown

- Pull to remove lockdown

Or (Choose One)

TA-SC-KPC – Keypad Activation Control

- Programmable for 120 codes

- Enter code to lockdown

- Enter code again to remove lockdown


Control Up To 128 Remote Doors With:

TA-SC-PBC128 – Push Button Activation Control

Or (Choose One)

TA-SC-KPC - Keypad Activation Control

Remote Door Lock Controllers:

TA-SC-RDLC – Remote Lock Control

- Uses Existing Lock Power Supply (12VDC or


- Power Requirements: 235/120mA @12/24VDC

- TCP/IP Requirements: Static 10/100 Mbs

TA-SC-RDLC-P – Remote Lock Control with Power

- Same function as TA-SC-RDLC but includes 1A power supply (12VDC/24VDC selectable).

- 750mA available to power electrified door hardware.

- Includes fire alarm connection for rated doors.