Secure Daycare Entrance System

Secure Daycare Entrance System

Secure Darcare entrance system.


The safety of children is very important for many of us. The TA-DCACM-KIT system has been designed to provide for greater security and ease of use by staff, parents and guests.


Staff members and parents will present a valid proximity key fob to unlock the door from the outside. Guests can push the call button on the video intercom station to speak with a staff member who can then decide to grant access or not. 


The access system is easily programmed through a PC so that fobs can be added or deleted.

The video intercom base station is wireless so staff members can carry it with them from one room to another to answer calls from the door.

For additional security the intercom system can record an image of each person who pushes the call button.


Included With Kit:


- Electric Strike

- Card/Fob Reader

- Control Box/Power Supply

- Plug-in Transformer

- 5 Cards

- USB PC Interface

- Video Intercom Door Station

- Wireless/Portable Video Intercom Base Station