Bottom Rail Lock

Bottom Rail Lock

Bottom rail lock


Description: The MS1861 Series MS® Bottom Rail Deadbolt provides maximum security with MS deadbolt over-center/pivot locking mechanism. It utilizes hardened steel bolts for the limited space of ultra-narrow stile doors.


Function: Using the same over-center/pivot locking mechanism as the basic MS® deadbolt, the MS1861 lies horizontally in the bottom rail of ultra-narrow stile doors which have insufficient vertical space for a lock, and tempered glass doors which have no stile at all. The hardened steel cylindrical bolts allow simple drilled strike holes of a relatively small size to minimize the nuisance and danger presented by some threshold strikes in collecting debris or snagging on high-heeled shoes. MS1861-02 locks either single-leaf or pairs of doors. Not recommended for wood doors.


Operation: 360° turn of key or thumbturn throws or retracts bolt(s). Key can be removed only when bolts are in a positively locked or unlocked position. Lock accepts any standard 1-5/32” diameter mortise cylinder from either or both sides. Cylinder must have MS® dimensioned cam.


Cylinder Backset: Minimum backset is approximately 2-1/4” for the MS1861-01 with vertical bolt only. The MS1861-02 with vertical and horizontal bolts requires placement of cylinder centerline 5-3/4” from nose of door. Both have cylinder center 1-7/8” above bottom edge of door.


Case: Steel with corrosion-resistant plate, measures 1” x 6” x 1-13/16”.


Bolts: 3/8” diameter. Stainless steel vertical threshold bolt has 13/16” throw. Hardened steel horizontal bolt has 1-1/8” throw.


Strikes: In metal installation, 7/16” drilled holes in threshold are required. For MS1861-02, drilled holes are also required in jamb or opposite door. For wood, metal plate with 7/16” hole must be provided for each bolt.