Marijuana production Secuity door kit

Marijuana production Secuity door kit

Marijuana Production Security Door Type 2 Electronic Locking System Kit


This K.M. Thomas electronic locking system provides code compliance, while securing pairs of exterior doors with bolts at four locations on each door leaf.



Each door leaf is normally closed and secured at four points, and the alarmed exit device is armed.

Presentation of a valid key card/fob followed by entry of a valid PIN to the inside reader/keypad beside the door, will disarm the alarm for 5 seconds so either door can be pushed open without sounding the built-in siren.

By default there is no access from the exterior side, but this can be easily added with the optional TA-MJSEC2-EX-Kit

Emergency exit is always free by pushing on either exit device, which will cause the local alarm to sound (and remotely alert the owner if internet connection subscription option has been activated).

During main power failure the system will continue to function for a limited time on battery power.


Locking Hardware:

Grade 1, 4 locking points per door leaf

Weatherized, cUL Listed

10 year mechanical/3 year electrical limited warranty

Buil-in alarm


Access and Power:

Pre-configured Proximity/PIN Reader System w/optional internet (cloud based) remote monitoring/programming

Power/door controller inside NEMA4 cabinet


*Heavy gauge hollow steel door and frame are recommended