Hands free switch

Hands free switch

Sure Wave hands free switches offer the ultimate in preformance,

public health safety and convenience.


Sure-Wave™ Hands-Free Switches offer the ultimate in performance, public health safety, and convenience.


Sure-Wave™ is recommended for use in barrier-free applications, restrooms, hospitals and clean rooms. Sure-Wave™ is also ideal for commercial and industrial applications where hands-free activation is desired, such as drive-up windows, and kitchen doors in restaurants.

Sure-Wave™ features an operating range of 1-26”, adjustable time delay of 1-5 seconds, and provides superior performance in all ambient lighting conditions. Choice of one-piece molded ABS or stainless steel faceplates. May be used in all weather conditions and environments. Sure-Wave™ operates on 12 – 24 V AC/DC, and has a heavy-duty 5 amp relay, ensuring compatibility with all automatic door operators and electrified locks