Maglock- Magnetic Door Lock

Maglock- Magnetic Door Lock

The TA-5180 Series electromagnetic locks can be used in harsh environments to secure doors and gates.


Interior or Exterior Applications
The TA-5180 Series electromagnetic locks can be used in harsh environments to secure doors and gates. All electronics are sealed in epoxy and are protected by the steel housing cover. The housing armature and exposed face of the electric lock are nickel plated to resist rust and corrosion. A rigid conduit fitting can be provided on one end of the lock to protect power wiring in gate control installations.

Fail-Safe Operation:
All TAC electromagnetic locks are fail-safe, releasing instantly upon command or loss of power. There are no moving parts to wear, stick or bind. Without any bolt travel time or possibility of misalignment to raise concern, both locking and unlocking are accomplished with ease and efficiency.


Extended Service Life:
The rugged design and durable construction of this lock assures virtually unlimited actuations without fear of electrical fatigue or mechanical breakdown.


Universal Mounting:
The standard #TA-5180 model is supplied with an adjustable mounting plate for use on outswing doors. The #TA-5180-CF-D unit is furnished with an angle lock mounting plate and an armature "Z" bracket for inswinging door installations. Any TA-5180 series lock may be converted in the field for inswing door applications by adding the angle mounting plate and "Z" bracket. An optional conduit fitted lock is available for exterior gate control applications.

Low Current Draw:
All TA-5180 series locks can be operate on either 12 or 24 VDC. The efficient design of these locks requires only 170ma. at 24 volts DC to maintain the rated 1200 pound holding force.

The well confined magnetic field combined with the built-in spike and surge suppression system of these locks, allow integration with any access control system. Able to be controlled individually or simultaneously from one or several locations make the use of these locks ideal for securing manual or automatically operated doors and gates.