Fingerguard Set

Finger protections for the hinge side of the door.

Hinge Guards


Finger guard for doors

Create a safe environment for children

Safety is of vital importance for children. As parents and caregivers we do everything in our power to protect the little ones from any danger. At home and outdoors we pay close attention to the safety of the environment before we can let our children play with peace of mind. Since nobody wants his or her child to be hurt, child safety should not be ignored. The layout of the environment plays an essential role in the prevention of accidents. By observing all the dangers and applying child-proof protection, most accidents can be prevented.


Finger guard for doors

At first glance, doors seem quite innocent and safe, but it is still too often the case that a child is hurt by a door. Imagine that a heavy door slams shut and a child gets his hand or finger smashed between the door. This easily results in bruised, broken, or even crushed fingers or hand. An unforgettable trauma requiring immediate treatment and most likely a hospital visit.

Child safety solutions as a finger guard for doors prevent these traumatic accidents. Many schools, nurseries and public buildings have taken the necessary measures. Unfortunately, it still happens too often that a child gets caught with a finger between the door.

Door hinge guard

To protect children as well as possible from suffering caused by doors, you can take various measures. The finger protection can be placed on two sides of the door. The hinge side is the side that you first think of if you want to place finger protection. The door hinge guard on this side of the door is a long door strip, which completely covers the hinge opening. The finger guard for doors is available in different sizes and easy to install. Which finger protection is most suitable depends, among other things, on the type of door and its opening degree.