Extreme Finger Guard

Extreme Finger Guard



Finger Guard , Finger Alert Extreme


Door finger guard

Create a safe environment for children in kindergartens and schools with the Finger Alert Extreme. Doors with an extreme wide opening can easily be made child safe with this professional security system. The Finger Alert Extreme covers the inside of the door to prevent finger entrapment.

The Finger Alert Extreme is an extremely wide door guard that prevents fingers being pinched between the door and the frame on the hinge side. The Finger Alert Extreme has a large coverage area and is therefore suitable for doors that open further than 180°. The door finger guard can easily be applied to plastic or aluminum doors where the gap between door and door frame is greater than 20 cm.

The Finger Alert Extreme is an extreme wide version of the Finger Alert 170-180° Professional. This is the most common solution for nurseries and schools. 

The advantages of our finger guards:

Extreme wide strip

Avoid finger entrapment

For doors that open more than 180°

Professional solution

Quick and easy to install